We will be closed for the Christmas period from Thursday 21st of December 2023 - Monday 16th January 2024
We will be closed for the Christmas period from Thursday 21st of December 2023 - Monday 16th January 2024

Structural Steel Beams

Sydney Steel Supplies offers a wide range of steel beams direct to the public, small or large residential and commercial builders. Project builders have relied on us time and time again for their steel beams stock for various construction needs. We offer non fabricated beams (Straight cut) all the way through to detailed complex beams with beam-to-beam connections. We also provide splay cuts and many more fabricated extras if required. All SSS beams come with a standard primed finish, unless otherwise requested to have them hot dip galvanised.

structural steel beams

Why use structural steel beams 

Structural steel beams have many uses within a wide range of industries. This includes engineering, mining, transport and storage, residential construction, commercial construction and the manufacturing industry. Sydney Steel Supplies continues to provide NSW based building and construction companies with steel beams suited to their requirements. Our range of processing services includes drawings, takeoffs, cut to length, drilling, mitre cutting and more. This makes us the most reliable supplier for structural steel beams in a variety of sizes. Builders look to our products to suit all applications and meet their exact requirements. With competitive pricing and offers reflecting our volume pricing, there’s no better place to shop from for steel beams.

use structural steel beams

Why choose Sydney Steel Supplies

It doesn’t matter the scale of your upcoming steel project. Whether it’s a simple home DIY project or a complex custom structural steel fabrication, we can help. Sydney Steel Supplies are experts who offer a personalised service to integrate any customisation you need. We’ve got over a decade of experience in the steel industry. Our genuine one-on-one service leaves builders, carpenters and residential clientele with the guidance and high-quality structural steel beams they need. We also offer structural steel installation on request. To complete your construction to a professional standard, choose Sydney Steel Supplies.

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Renowned Local Structural Steel Provider

A locally owned and operated manufacturing company, all our products are designed to meet Australian Standards (AS). Trustworthy and experienced, we offer premium quality steel beams from shelf beams, universal beams, universal columns, tapered flange beams and more. All our products are ready for your custom steel fabrication and fast delivery to your project site. With repeat clientele and frequent referrals, you never have to worry about our quality and level of individualised service. For further information, get your quote by contacting our team today. With our fixed lead time, finalise your order and get your steel beams ready to go.

renowned local structural steel provider