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We will be closed for the Christmas period from Thursday 21st of December 2023 - Monday 16th January 2024

Sydney’s Leading Manufacturer For Concrete Lintels

Concrete lintels are high strength lintels manufactured to suit standard brick construction. They’re ideal for use in highly corrosive environments like coastal areas, being much less susceptible to humidity and corrosion. Easily rendered, lined with plasterboard or external sheetings, it’s a prime alternative to steel lintels. Concrete lintels are generally available in heights equal to one or two courses of brickwork. When you need superior structural capacity, choose concrete lintels from Sydney Steel Supplies made from high-strength concrete for any construction.

80mm x 110mm (21kg/mtr ) 170mm x 110mm (45kg/mtr )
900 1200
1000 1500
1200 1800
1500 2100
1800 2400
2100 2700
2400 3000
2700 3300
3000 3600
3300 3900

Why Choose Concrete Lintels For Your Construction

The load carrying capacity of concrete lintels increases dramatically when composite beam action from the brickwork is considered. This composite beam strength rises with the number of brick courses on top of the lintel. Made from high-strength concrete under strict quality control, concrete lintels are suitable for use in pier and beam construction. It’s especially tough for new building foundations or re-cladding of existing structures. Alternatively, it can also be used to create an upstand hob on concrete slabs. Sydney Steel Supplies’ concrete lintels are always compliant with relevant Australian Building Codes (BCA) and Australian Standards (AS).

Sydney Steel Supplies are verified, qualified experts in the sale of concrete lintels, steel lintels, southern steel, and many variations of structural steel

Concrete Lintels Installation Process

Typically, concrete lintels are installed by a builder or bricklayer. The lintels have to be placed with its rough side facing up. This positioning is a must to provide a proper key into the mortar above. The concrete lintels then should be propped at intervals that do not exceed 1500mm until the mortar has matured. For fully engineered, tested, Australian designed and manufactured concrete lintels, place your order today with Sydney Steel Supplies. Our custom lintels are sure to meet your construction needs.

Sydney Steel Supplies’ Concrete Lintels

Sydney Steel Supplies’ concrete lintels provide an alternative solution to steel lintels. Pre-stressed and made from high strength concrete (65MPa), this construction gives the lintels their incredible structural capacity. Our concrete lintels are manufactured with high-strength concrete. Furthermore, they’re fire rated under load in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 1530.4-1990. Durable and lasting, they’re non-corrodible and ideal for marine and industrial exposure conditions. Discuss your project with Sydney Steel Supplies. Call or enquire about your quote for concrete lintels today.