We will be closed for the Christmas period from Thursday 21st of December 2023 - Monday 16th January 2024
We will be closed for the Christmas period from Thursday 21st of December 2023 - Monday 16th January 2024

Sydney’s Highest Quality Steel T-Bar Lintels

Fully engineered and field tested, Sydney Steel Supplies offer reliable, well-made t-bar lintels and steel t-bars. With our strict quality assurance, we can ensure lasting durability. Sydney Steel Supplies has a wealth of experience for over ten years in the lintel industry. We offer competitive prices and guaranteed next day Sydney delivery when you order your traditional steel t bars and other masonry products from us.

200mm x 6mm – 200mm x 6mm (19.33kg/mtr ) 200mm x 8mm – 200mm x 6mm
( 23.30kg/mtr )
200mm x 8mm – 200mm x 6mm
( 25.61kg/mtr )
200mm x 8mm – 200mm x 6mm
( 31.89kg/mtr )
900 2400 4200 5400
1200 2700 4500 5700
1500 3000 4800 6000
1800 3300 5100 6300
2100 3600 5400
2400 3900 5700

Steel T-Bar Lintels For Any Construction Project

Sydney Steel Supplies provides fully machine welded traditional t-bars which doubles as structural lintel beams. Its traditional steel sections are used in support of brickwork over large clear openings and are independent of compounded action. The beauty of traditional steel t bar/lintels is its sheer versatility. It’s multipurpose for all functions from holding up windows to heavy duty supports. The many ways traditional steel t bars/lintels can be used creates a demand for an array of different lengths. Additionally, it introduces plenty of variations of its initial basic t bar shape.

Sydney Steel Supplies has standard lintel sizes on hand for residential construction and industrial support. We’re renowned for our custom complex fabrications. If you need specific lengths for galvanised steel t-bars/lintels, look no further. Our team can cut to your exact dimensions and can additionally deliver your products to site. Furthermore, our expertise in lintel production keeps costs and turnaround times low. It’s a valuable quality for builders with deadlines to meet and needs for dependable steel products.

Order Your Steel T Bars From Sydney Steel Supplies Today

Traditional steel t-bars/lintels are the cost-effective alternative for superior performance, long life and durability. Its easy transportation, storage and handling makes it a popular choice among builders for various construction projects. Our durable Australian designed and manufactured steel t-bars/lintels comply with all relevant Australian Building Codes and Australian Standards. Get your custom fabrications for t-bars/lintels from experts at Sydney Steel Supplies. Contact us for your free quote to enjoy competitive prices and fast turnarounds.